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Due to technological improvements it is long possible to avoid conventional plastics and reduce our negative environmental impact. We make the progressive technologies accessible.


OUR Mission

In the past five decades plastic waste has accumulated in the oceans to become a major threat to marine life, wiping out species after species. This irreversible natural catastrophe seems unstoppable. However, alternatives to conventional plastic have been developed: Bioplastics. The problem that remains is that the term “bioplastic“ is used to label a wide range of products. Bio-based plastics for example are not degradable at all, even though they are made from sustainable resources. Likewise, products made from polylactic acid – PLA – are only degradable under ideal conditions, which can only be assumed in composting plants. This is why many experts advise consumers against the use of so called “bioplastic”. 

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However, there are bio-polymers that could help to stop the pollution of the environment. Especially Polyhydroxybuterate – PHB – is a perfectly suitable alternative, because:

  • it is produced without fossil fuels
  • it is bio-compatible and completely biodegradable
  • it is very variably applicable because its material properties are great: it's waterproof, UV-opaque, it stands high temperatures and can still be deformed thermoplastically!

While the properties of PHB sound too good to be true, it is hardly employed to manufacture lifestyle products, even though the demand is clearly there. That's why we want to make this increadible resource accessible.