Julian Baehr

Julian is the main initiator of THE PLASTIC REVOLUTION. Inspired by travels from Alaska to Tahiti he has witnessed the most outstanding maritime wildlife and now knows what the oceans offer to protect. 

He studied pharmacy at Muenster University and worked since his second year in University on getting the project going. His scientific knowledge and his technical know-how makes him the projects head.


Antonius Baehr

As the creative mind and lateral thinker the PhD student for German studies manages THE PLASTIC REVOLUTION's structural organization and helps realising its projects.





niklas Czeranski

The studied organizational sociologist and business economist supports THE PLASTIC REVOLUTION in the fields of corporate communications, networking as well as business strategy and strategic alignment. With his qualifications both in business economy and sociology he offers the team a wide range of experience and an interdisciplinary perspective.



Rasmus Mumme

The cheerful executive consultant assumes control of THE PLASTIC REVOLUTION's foundation. His economical expertise is especially vital for financial matters.






Florian HöfT

Having worked for a special machinery supplier during his bachelor studies, Florian Höft is currently completing his master's degree in process engineering at RWTH Aachen. He joins THE PLASTIC REVOLUTION to offer technical solutions.


Vincent oliva


The young business student has already worked his share in several Start-Ups. He is active for THE PLASTIC REVOLUTION with his IT knowledge and supports the team with product development processes.