This is our very first 3D printed prototype using SERO. Our future bottles will be produced in a different design, both shape and color. ****More information coming soon****


WHY did we produce a drinking bottle?

1 Drinking is vital

Drinking enough water is vital to live healthy and it is crucial for doing the outdoor activities we love. Take your drinking bottle to any of your activities to ensure you make the most of your day.

2 Safe a bottle - every day

Your personal drinking bottle safes one disposable plastic bottle every time you refill it. Using your own SERO bottle makes you an Ocean-rescuer because you reduce the amount of trash that end up in our oceans directly! Do not undervalue your personal effort. You are doing great! 

3 Spread our "why"

You are an ambassador of our beliefs, our aims, our values... our WHY!

Let people know what you love and let them know you care! Having your drinking bottle with you all day, speaks for itself. Without saying, people understand what you believe.

And that empowers you to inspire others!

4 Reduce & refuse

Take our drinking bottle as a model for your daily life. We do our best to provide you with more products that help to reduce your plastic waste. However, you might have been inspired to refuse single use disposables even without our help. Refuse disposables and make a difference.